Sunday, May 1, 2011

Phused By Phyllis


Phyllis Berger Haines has been fusing glass for over 8 years.  I have enjoyed talking and sharing information with Phyllis for a couple years now.  I finally got to meet her, in person, at my "Extreme Glass Fusing Workshop."  The link to her shop is above.  She has a great range of glass art and jewelry.  The 2 pieces pictured above were started at the workshop and perfected in her studio.  Phyllis has an uncanny thirst for fused glass knowledge. 
It is students like Phyllis that make teaching these workshops fulfilling.  She isn't afraid to try new techniques and she won't quit until she nails it. 

Great work Phyllis. 

There are still a few new glass fusing decal images available at  We are always coming up with new glass fusing decal designs, as well as other products that have proven to be beneficial.  If you have any jewelry pieces you would like to share, email me a picture at 

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  1. Excellent job!! I can't wait to take your class this summer in Denver.