Monday, November 7, 2011

Stop Using Inferior Glass Fusing Decals Today


Hello glass artists.  My name is Mark Veit and I am lucky enough to work with my sister-n-law Tanya Veit, as well as glass artists around the world.  Her glass art speaks for itself and her willingness to help other glass artists speaks even louder.  But this blog post is about me getting something off my chest.

For those who don't know me, I am very analytical and straight forward, I can thank my father for that.  It gets me in trouble sometimes, but more often than not, it gets the job done.  I pride myself on being as efficient and productive as possible.  For whatever reason, I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from glass artists these past few days claiming that our decals have been losing shape and the color has been fading.  Of course I reached out to Tanya for her expertise and after asking the glass artists to send me pictures of the decals they are using, low and behold, NONE of the decals are AAE Glass decals.  I kid you not, ZERO were AAE Glass designs.  Still my phone keeps ringing and my email box keeps filling with these questions. 

Now many companies are trying to"duplicate" AAE Glass designs because we have the best selling designs on the market, not to mention Tanya Veit creates these designs herself.  Our "competition" is trying to produce similar cats and sea life, but with uneven whiskers and goofy bodies, don't get me started on those companies trying to copy the TREE OF LIFE decal that Tanya Veit created from scratch.  You just aren't going to get the same detailed design with the same superior screen printed images anywhere but AAE Glass.  These knock offs are digitally printed and can not hold a candle to any AAE Glass decal.  Sure our decals may cost a few more pennies, but do you want to go through 4 or 5 cheap decals before you get the image you are looking for, when 1 AAE Glass decal will do?  Not to mention AAE Glass offers superior customer service, not just in the glass industry, but business in general.  Where else can you send an email to a company and have the owner of that company, who is also a world renowned glass fuser, personally answer your questions?  This is what AAE Glass is about.  A wise man once told me, if you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you ten fold.  The old man was right!

Remember, I like to nip things in the bud and that is exactly what I am going to do right now!

If you are using any decal that is fading or losing shape, you are not using an AAE Glass decal.  If you look back to a few posts ago, I explained why AAE Glass decals are the best on the market, BAR NONE!  If you haven't read, please take a look HERE.  I am going to expand on that statement.  I haven't run this past Tanya yet, so please keep it quiet, but here goes...If you are struggling with digitally printed decals of scenes that look like they are being copied, STOP IT!  Send me your inferior decals and I will replace them with AAE Glass decals for nothing more than the shipping cost.  We consider ourselves leaders in the industry and will stand behind our product 100%.  Not only do we provide the best decal on the market, we want to expose you to these decals for FREE.  Even if it costs us a few bucks to replace your inferior decals, we are 100% confident that you will never use anything less than an AAE Glass decal from here on out. 

To trade in your inferior decals for AAE Glass decals simply email me at and explain to me the problem.  I will get your new decals in the mail immediately and Tanya or I will be here to answer any questions you may have along the way.  We understand that each kiln fires differently and if you have trouble on your first couple, we will figure it out together until you find the sweet spot.  Once you find that sweet spot, your jewelry will take on a professional look that could never be achieved with digitally printed decals. 

Some may call me cocky, some may even call me crazy...Not a problem, I have heard it all...One thing you can't call me, in this instance at least, is wrong.  I have several decals ready to ship out immediately.  Just contact me at and explain to me the trouble you are having and we will remedy it.  Even if you are having trouble with our decals, WE WILL FIX IT, together.  Once fired properly, you will never use anything but an AAE Glass decal.

Thanks for letting me rant and I look forward to hearing from everyone. 

Mark Veit

AAE Glass


  1. Mark provides the best customer service bar none - and is always there to answer your questions!!!

  2. I wouldn't touch those cheapo decals with a 10' pole, not worth the headaches!! Keep up the great work A.A. E.!!
    Pam Honken

  3. Please consider making some decals of wildlife - bears, elk, moose. I think they'd be big sellers. Thanks! Jackie