Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AAE Glass Features Glass Artist Jerry Keller

AAE Glass is proud to present Glass Artist, Jerry Keller of KellerGlass Art. I have recently had the pleasure to view Jerry's glass work and converse with him via email and I have to say, it some of the best I have ever seen. He combines music, fun and glass to create some very unique glass art. The list of people who own a Jerry Keller glass piece is very impressive. Paul McCartney and Michael Jordan are just the beginning. Living in Cleveland, Ohio and near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jerry's work fits right in. You can click HERE to see his gallery of work and read below about Jerry in his own words; Thanks for contributing Jerry.
Music has always helped create my dance with art.  From saxophone, to guitar, percussion, to singing, the essence of sound has helped inspire my designs. So one logical sequence in my visual thread, was to pay homage to the form of the instrument itself.   Being in Cleveland, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, helped to nurture the series - theglass guitar.  

Since around 1996, when I created four painted wood guitars for my son to rollerblade with in our Art Museum parade, the form of the guitar has seemed to blossom in many incarnations.
From paintings to hand-painted guitars, computer graphic renderings, to guitars made solely from glass, this instrument has challenged and focused my attention.  All this, while being a life-long saxophone player!  Ah, the dichotomies of life...(but yes, saxophones do surface in the glass series, also...)

After years of exploring this loaded form, and 38 years in the glass field, I find new inspirations almost daily with which to create these visual inspirations.

The guitars are a fun diversion from my usual fare of stained, etched, and cast glass windows, doors, and tables.   I also create glass and metal sculpture, and work on several high end Corporate Awards that include both casting, etching, and metal materials.   Feel free to check out my website - www.kellerartglass.com, for more guitars, both mini and full sized, and other renderings of glass creations through the years.

I must admit, that along with several galleries that the guitars are in, the Grand Ole Opry Hotel is in discussions with me about handling my mini guitars series at their shops in Nashville.  Jazz, Blues, Country....its all good!

Mark Veit
AAE Glass

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