Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Alcala of FXN Glass Presents Sand to Glass

David Alcala of FXN Glass is a glass artist that needs no introduction.  Tanya and I were lucky enough to meet David earlier this year and are honored to call him a friend.  His unique talent and experience combine to make him a leader in the glass world.  David lives and owns a studio in Monterey, California.  He shares the same passion as AAE Glass when it comes to always expanding our glass knowledge and bringing as many glass artists along for the ride as possible! 

When meeting David for a few days this summer, we were able to discuss goals and how to achieve them.  Tanya and David talked for hours on how to utilize each others talents to help grow their own.  They shared both experiences and products with each other to "play" with.  The results have been tremendous.  If you ever have a chance to meet David, or better yet, learn from David, I highly recommend you take advantage. 

David recently informed us that AAE Glass will have a part in his upcoming book!!!  It has been hard not to share the great news with everyone, but the time has come.  Click HERE to learn more about the book as well as view a video David put together about his book and his art. This is a must see!

With the utmost sincerity, we would like to thank David for taking the time to get to know AAE Glass, sharing his experiences with our new, up and coming business and for staying in touch these past few months.  We have learned invaluable information that we will lean on forever. We are excited to see all of the doors that open for David as a result of this book.

If you haven't heard about David Alcala's popular new glass product Flexi-Glass, be sure to click the link and learn more about it.  Any glass artist will fall in love instantly.

AAE Glass will be hosting David Alcala in April 2012, in Cape Coral, Florida.  He is a great teacher and an even better person.  Be sure to check back often for exact dates.  This class is sure to fill up fast.  

Mark Veit
AAE Glass

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  1. Tanya: So enjoyed the Extreme Fusing 2 last week in Cape Coral. You are a dynamic instructor who goes the "extra" mile to ensure your students get the most out of the class. Your new studio is totally awesome.I love your energy and passion! I can't wait to get busy here creating with the new techniques. Looking forward to more adventures with you. Special thanks goes out to "Molly" for all of her hard work.
    Teresa Halverson
    Niceville, FL