Saturday, December 10, 2011

AAE Glass presents Christian Luginger of Flame One Productions

 AAE Glass wants to introduce flame worker Christian Luginger of Flame One Productions. We love glass art of all mediums and flame work is one of our favorites.  Check out Christians gallery and if you are looking to expand your flame work knowledge, sign up for a workshop today!  Here is a bit more about Flame One Productions.

Growing up in the heart of Amarillo brought tough times and real experiences for Christian Luginger. He knew art moved him and felt a strong calling but wasn’t sure how he was artistically. After watching Dale Chihuly on PBS, it clicked and glass was his new love. He realized he needed to escape in order not to become a part of the large negative stastitics of life in the streets. In 1999, Christian journeyed from Amarillo, Texas to Boulder, Colorado in order to study offhand and lampworked glass as an apprentice and student in various studios. To mature as a glass artist, with a mission to bring the knowledge back to Amarillo, he began seeking prolific professional artists to hone his craft. He wanted to share and educate his friends and neighbors who might be in need of an expressive outlet.

Christian sees art as a healing mechanism and therapy. People can make connections on so many levels, and then relate, appreciate, and express themselves more effectively. Enjoyment of being outside in nature, glass, independent studies, and the daily motivation he receives from our great God helps him to remember that each of us has a bright light that needs to shine in some way or another and to discover it. We were all created from sand and breath, and we are all hollow vessels at times that are cracked and in need of healing and fire.

Every class experience through his travels has deeply and uniquely affected his life and the way he shares his work. He is no longer the student, but the teacher. Christian now develops his own teaching and mentoring abilities by holding private lessons in his studio. He receives feedback from students, so that he may understand how to better communicate his art to others.

Artist Statement

Glass brings balance for me and our world in many ways. It helps me align my mind, body, and spirit, and it interrelates art, history, mathematics, and science. The world we live in is a gateway from old to new, from renaissance to fiber optics and so on. Glass has been a positive influence on all the growth, change, and new technology we use every day.

My work has transcended into an art of history, portraying how pieces developed 500 years ago can still be reproduced today while designing and expressing personal feelings. Through study of history, religion, and training in Aikido I developed a deep interest and respect for ancient and modern peoples lives and practices. Japanese, Celtic, Egyptian, and South American symbols along with Venetian, European renaissance styles and historical vessels have all heavily influenced my work and life. Dancing with this medium is challenging and relates to a living artform with motion, but glass art is also blood, sweat, and tears, with only one shot at perfection. You may work most of the day, but it only takes one wrong move to lose it all. You cannot just erase or paint over it. You have one shot…

I primarily use borosilicate, colored tubes, rods, and dichroic. I work with traditional hand tools, and use an oxygen propane mixed torch for achieving blown and sculptural work with the glass itself. I also practice cold-working techniques for producing my jewelry and other pieces. I am member of the Glass Art Society, which is an organization devoted to exposing others to the wonders of glass. It is a powerful tool and resource. In this ever-growing industry, as I must always remain up-to-date about products, trends, and business development. I juggle the rising costs of materials and energy, maintaining positive creativity, staying organized and keeping my team flowing.

The people I have met in the glass world have been great and talented individuals, which I feel blessed to know. Dreams and careers such as mine can come true. It's an opportunity daily working with the glass, friends, family, and the circle of artists who give their lives to it. Glass has changed my life for the better, and allowed me to lead others in a positive direction. My involvement with local charities and international donations allows me to give back and ensure future generations the chance to express themselves constructively and continue the art of glass.

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