Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joshua Mazet Teaching at AAE Glass

 AAE Glass is very proud to present world renowned hot glass artist Joshua Mazet at the AAE Glass studio in Cape Coral, Florida. This is your chance to learn from the best.  Josh teaches beginner through advanced hot glass students.  He will be in Cape Coral, Florida from November 8th through the 11th.  Be sure to catch him if you can. 

Josh Mazet received a BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduating he was invited into the Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. For three years he held a studio at the U of O, instructing 25 students plus community members year round in the art and process of wood fired ceramics. It was during this time Josh was introduced to lampworking. With his degree in ceramics behind him, Josh had a natural understanding and comfort with flame atmospheres, kilns, and the chemistry involved with glass. This compounded with the similarities of the materials, allowed for a smooth and rapid learning of a new medium. In 2003, along with brother Eli, they began Mazet Studios, since then it has grown to include their youngest brother Tim and mother Tym Ann. Their work with flameworked creatures, often focuses on sea life, while the three brothers also produce a wide range of marbles, and jewelry easily recognizable by their use of color and dichroic glass. Mazet Studios glass can now be found in public and private collections, and fine galleries through out the U.S. In addition to this Josh regularly gives class, workshops and demonstrations.

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