Monday, July 23, 2012

My Glass Odyssey

We at AAE Glass like to share fun information with our readers whenever we can.  John Waterman (writer, director and producer) took a road trip to visit several different glass shops and came back with a documentary film called My Glass Odyssey. You can view the trailer as well as interviews with John on the My Glass Odyssey web page.
John and his dog Frito interviewed 99 glass artists in three years to compile this film.  John won a Silver Ace award for this documentary this past weekend and his dedication to spreading the word about glass art is just what this industry needs.  I believe that I speak for all glass artists when I say "Thanks for your work John."
AAE Glass shares in John's passion for glass art and vows to spread the word to anyone who will listen.  We hope you do the same.  Please share this with anyone you know who loves glass art or who enjoys a good documentary.

Mark Veit
AAE Glass

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  1. Just watched the trailer and loved it!! Thanks for sharing .