Friday, December 7, 2012

AAE Glass and Olympic Kilns Partner to Bring you a New Glass Fusing Contest

AAE Glass, Tanya Veit and Olympic Kilns have partnered to bring you a glass fusing contest for the ages!  Those of you who have had an opportunity to learn or work with Tanya Veit know she doesn't do anything unless it is over the top.  This contest is no different.  AAE Glass has built its business and reputation on helping up and coming glass artists gain access to the knowledge, tools and supplies it takes to grow.  Thanks to Olympic Kilns generous donation of a FREE hotbox kiln and Tanya Veit's donation of a FREE Extreme Fusing workshop you have a chance to advance your glass art business for FREE!  The unique part of this contest is every participant is a winner because of the FREE publicity you and your glass art will receive as a result.
All entrants will receive a link to their online store, a brief bio and picture of your entry.  The last time we sponsored a contest like this we received over 20,000 views and received reports from entrants of hits to their sites in the thousands as well as record sales.  The exposure you will receive from entering this contest alone is worth the time it takes for you to submit an entry.  Winning any number of prizes is the cherry on top.  You can view the participants of the last contest HERE and the winners HERE.
 Prizes Include
1-Olympic Kiln Hotbox 8" x 8" wide x 4.5" deep, 3 key controller included. ($680 retail Value)
2-FREE Extreme Fusing Workshop in Cape Coral, Florida taught by Tanya Veit. ($495 retail value)
3-$500 worth of AAE Glass decals and silver settings.

Last years Extreme Fusing workshop winners Maureen Connor and Tonya Nelson have agreed to be two of our judges this year along with the hottest glass fusing teacher going right now, Tanya Veit. We will be announcing celebrity judges along the way, but right now, we want to outline the contest for you and get your creative juices flowing.
(Be sure to submit a complete and organized email with all of the below information)
1-Email ONE entry to with the subject being "Contest entry for (your name)"
2-Include ONE picture that represents your glass art piece the best. You WILL NOT be able to replace your original submission in any way, shape or form, so be sure you are happy when you hit the send button.
3-Include ONE link to an online site that you would like glass lovers to view. (optional)
4-Include a brief bio (1 or 2 paragraphs) about you, your entry piece and your business, be sure to include how you incorporated AAE Glass products in your piece and/or an experience you had in a Tanya Veit taught workshop.  
5-Entries will be listed on the blog in the order received, so the sooner you submit your entry, the more views you will get.
6-The contest will run until January 7th, so there is plenty of time to get your submission in. 
***We do not want to limit your creativity when entering this contest.  You can submit any glass art piece (big or small, jewelry or sculptural) that uses an AAE Glass decal, silver setting or technique taught in a Tanya Veit workshop that you attended.  AAE Glass has created the only low fire, color decals on the market that will fire on dark glass.  We also have a line of large, low fire decals that can be used with bowls, plates, vases, tiles and more.  Our glass fusing decals and silver settings can be found at any leading distributor in the world, so feel free to ask them for their complete line of AAE Glass products.
The options are endless and we are excited to see the new and unique ways artists are using our products to create beautiful fused glass art.