Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AAE Glass Wearable Glass Art Contest - Win an Olympic Kiln, Full CBS Dichroic Sheets & More

AAE Glass Wearable Glass Art Contest
Deadline: Wednesday October 8th, 11:59pm est
1st Prize: Brand New Olympic Hot Box 84 Kiln (Vitrograph)
AAE Glass is a direct distributor of all Olympic Kilns and Tanya Veit has had dozens custom built for the AAE Glass Art Studio with great success.  AAE Glass is able to offer very low prices on Olympic Kilns since we sell so many each year.  If you are new to the glass fusing world and looking for a kiln to get started or if you have outgrown your current kiln and are looking to upgrade, contact Tanya today.  An advantage to buying your Olympic Kiln from AAE Glass is getting some of Tanya's personal firing schedules to get started.  
2nd Prize: TWO Full Sheets of CBS Dichroic Glass
TWO Full sheets of CBS Dichroic Glass will go to the second place winner.  Tanya has made two designs from CBS Dichroic so popular, they changed the names for her.  The second prize winner will receive 1 full sheet of TROPICAL RAYS and 1 full sheet of SUNSET BLEND CBS 90COE dichroic glass.
We received over 150 FULL sheets of CBS dichroic glass last week.  Stock up today for your entry!
 3rd Prize: $200 AAE Glass Gift Cert (available for anything)
4th Prize: $150 Tanya Veit Designed Decal Pack
 AAE Glass offers the most unique designs and highest quality glass fusing, waterslide decals on the market.  Often imitated, never duplicated is how we like to describe them.  Tanya Veit designs these images and they are screen printed enamel for great strength and flexibility.  This allows you to cut, bend and combine without losing shape or color integrity.  You may see similar decal designs on the market, but if they don't say AAE Glass, they are not the same quality.  Choose from HIGH FIRE or LOW FIRE decals to enhance your glass art.  This particular contest requires the use of AAE Glass fused glass decals, so take advantage of 30% off while the contest runs through September 28th.
Reminder that net orders in the lower 48 states over $200 qualify for FREE SHIPPING so don't be shy.
(excludes wholesale accounts, equipment, po boxes, Alaska, Hawaii and international orders) 

Since the contest is for "wearable art" you can always set your fused glass jewelry in our silver plated jewelry settings.  Choose from PENDANTS, BRACELETS and EARRINGS which will be discounted during the contest as well.
Other popular items that you may decide to use for your contest entry.

We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful entries.  Again, click the link above to be directed to Tanya's new Facebook group. You must be a member of this exciting glass fusing group in order to enter or view the entries.  YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP. Also, when you submit your entry, be sure to include links to your website so potential buyers know how to find you.  This contest will generate quite a buzz so use it to your advertising advantage by including all of your pertinent contact information along with your entry.  Feel free to promote your entry among your customer base as well, the more people viewing the contest is great for everyone involved.
PATTY GRAY: Patty has been making her mark in the fused glass world for decades.  We had the honor of hosting Patty at the AAE Glass Art Studio a couple years ago and she left a great impression with our artist base.  Hopefully another visit is in the cards in the future!  Don't miss a chance to take her class.
DAVID ALCALA:  David is another glass artist who has been producing breathtaking work for decades.  We have also had the pleasure of hosting David here in Cape Coral, Florida and will be doing so again later this year.  David offers several different techniques that have changed the way people work with frit.
PAUL TARLOW: Rounding out our fused glass art triumvirate is Paul Tarlow.  Paul is an accomplished studio artist and instructor as well as the owner of fusedglass.org.  Paul has parlayed his experiences with fused glass art into an informational website dedicated to fused glass that is second to none.
You can get lost for hours, in a good way, soaking up glass fusing knowledge on his site.  

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