Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Want To Promote You!

Good morning dichroic glass artists.  How would you like your online or brick and mortar gallery website to be seen by more people?  In today's economy, it can be expensive to advertise in newspapers, magazines, etc.  We want to offer you a FREE place to "get the word out" about your glass jewelry.  Or, maybe you are participating in art shows in the near future (My northern friends are fast approaching their "season").  Let us know the location and dates and we will post them right on this blog and thousands of other glass jewelry lovers, some who are sure to be in your part of the country, will instantly have the details.

This blog alone has 160 followers, not to mention the thousands of daily visitors to that link to this blog. We also have thousands of facebook and twitter followers, not to mention the extensive email list we use to announce new products, sales and tutorial videos.  We use all these mediums to communicate with and assist other glass jewelry artists.  We want to share your work with them, for free. believes in customer service over all else.  We provide unique products that are proven to work in the studio.  From our original designed enamel glass fusing decals, like the tree of life, to our high quality, yet affordable silver settings, bails, chains, glass paints and 90 and 96 coe, dichroic scrap packs that are hand picked by Tanya Veit. We believe that helping our customers and students with their work will only enhance ours and help us offer products that will help you to be more creative. 

All we need from you is the following: EMAIL TO:  INFO@AAEGLASS.COM
- A clear picture or 2 of your finished glass jewelry.
- A list of products that you used from to create your jewelry.
- A description of you and your business and a link to your website.
- Anything else you feel is pertinent to your business.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you much success with your business.


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