Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AAE Glass Features PoetryGift.com

At AAE Glass, we make it a priority to supply glass artists with unique supplies and provide tutorials and information to help glass artists grow their businesses. We have featured many glass artists right here on our blog and just by giving that little extra exposure, they have been able to increase their sales. We want to give you avenues to help you sell your wearable glass art.

That is exactly what this 100% woman owned and operated company, that has been in business for over 20 years, can do for you. If you are in the market for a gift for any occasion, PoetryGift.com has what you need. As a gift giver, what is the best part of giving a gift? Most people would agree that it is seeing the recipient's “reaction” when they open it. Well, for over 20 years, PoetryGift.com has been exceeding expectations in the “reaction” department. I have had the first hand opportunity to see the reactions of people when receiving a gift from PoetryGift.com and they deliver every time; chances are the recipient will even shed a tear of joy or appreciation.

A great part about PoetryGift.com is their poems are original so it truly is a unique gift, but the best part is you, the purchaser, can personalize the poems any way you like. There is even room for a picture. As I said earlier, they have a personalized poem for every occasion: BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, WEDDING, SYMPATHY and one of their best sellers I'M SORRY. The I'M SORRY personalized poem is very popular and while we are all going to mess up at one time or another, this personalized poem goes a long way to smoothing things over with a loved one.

There are so many options, I can't possibly list them all. I do want to add that all of these personalized poems can be framed and FREE SHIPPING is available. For a limited time PoetryGift.com has agreed to give all of our readers a 10% discount and FREE shipping when you use coupon code; AAEGLASS (no spaces).

Lets say you are a poet yourself and want to give your gift of word to a loved one. PoetryGift.com can design a layout for you to personalize your very own poem. If you ask me, there is no other gift that is more from the heart than a poem.

I have purchased several gifts from PoetryGift.com and have never been disappointed. When I include a piece of glass jewelry that I created with a personalized, framed poem with a picture, the responses have been off the charts.

Give PoetryGift.com a read. Even if you don't need a gift at the moment, chances are you will soon. Just reading the poetry on this site will give you motivation for creating with any medium you choose. I guaranty 100% that this will get your wheels turning and give you some extra, creative ideas. 

I wish you all a great and productive day!


  1. What gorgeous gifts. Obviously I have a bias towards the Poetry Bears :-)

  2. I knew this would be right up your alley TG. Thanks for the kind words.