Friday, September 30, 2011

AAE Glass New Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry and Decals

AAE Glass

Tanya Veit has spent the last few days experimenting with the new, larger fused glass decals AAE Glass recently released.  She has been combining the fused glass decals to create stellar designs (above).

While we have had numerous beautiful, larger glass pieces shared with us by our friends (bowls, vases, plates, etc), Tanya shows these larger decals can easily be incorporated into your glass jewelry the same way as the smaller decals, they can even be used right along with the smaller decals.  This has opened up so many designing possibilities as well as other aspects for Tanya to share with students in her famous Extreme Fusing Workshops, coming soon to Cape Coral, Florida in the brand new AAE Glass Studio.  You won't want to miss this top notch learning experience and if you have had the pleasure of meeting Tanya, you know you will have fun right along with the intense learning.

Be sure to check out other posts on this blog to see these fused glass decals in action. 

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with us.  We are excited to know that these new decals have been received in such a positive way.  Again, the superior quality to any other decals on the market shines through.

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