Friday, September 23, 2011

AAE Glass Presents Featured Artist Anna Price

AAE Glass is proud to present Anna Price of Aesthetic Designs as a featured glass jewelry artist. 
Anna has been a friend of AAE Glass for a few years and makes beautiful glass art.
My name is Anna Price.  I worked in stained glass, panels and lamps, for around 20 years, and never had any interest in fusing glass.  Then, while shopping on ebay, I discovered dichroic glass and it was love at first sight.  After the first few of my jewelry creations were bought literally off my neck, I thought, Anna, you just might have something here!  That's when my business, Aesthetic Designs, was born.

I started out selling on Ebay, and my first face to face selling experience was on a card table in an un-airconditioned church gymnasium.  I really liked being able to talk and interact with customers and gradually built up a schedule of shows which I do every year.  Now, I sell at art and crafts fairs, have a few pieces in several art galleries, sell from my studio and have an active WEBSITE.

This overview of my business wouldn't be complete without mentioning that Tanya's silver settings and the enamel decals have been responsible for a 30% surge in my sales. They have also brought a lot of fun back to fusing and enlarged the creative possibilities for my work.  I'm taking Tanya's "Extreme Fusing Workshop" this weekend, and literally can't wait!  There's just something very special about creating beautiful things with your own hands that people want to buy.
 Thanks Anna.  We can't wait to meet you in person this weekend.

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