Saturday, September 10, 2011

AAE Glass Gets Bigger and Better with 7 New LARGE Fused Glass Decals

AAE Glass is exploring a new direction by introducing LARGE fused glass decals.  These brand new designs by Tanya Veit ARE NOT just for pendants and jewelry anymore! 

This new line of decals is being geared towards large fused glass art work such as; bowls, platters, wall sculptures, sconces, candle screens, center pieces etc.  The possibilities are endless.  This is just the beginning as we will be releasing 7 more medium sized designs in the next few weeks that can be used as design elements in larger fused glass work as well as creating customizable glass jewelry.
You can get 4-6 pieces out of the patterned design squares or think BIG and use that square as a large design element in your larger fused glass piece?  Can you imagine a 12" tree of life fused glass decal on a sconce?
It is on the way my fusing friends.  How about a 13" enamel tree branch decal?  What a beautiful touch to a wall panel!  It too is on the way.  These decals are exciting and we are working hard creating FREE video tutorials using all of these new decal design elements in all sorts of different ways.
For now, please enjoy these unique pendant examples using these new sized decals. 
These enamel water slide decals are available NOW and are considered limited edition as they
are in beta. So, get them while you can!

Keep fusing!


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